Thursday, July 30, 2009

HaRi RaYa CoOKies

Dear friends

Ramadhan is just a round the corner.With this opportunity I'm selling Hari raya Cookies.For those who's interested you can leave your email address & I'll email you the order form .If possible please leave your contact no.

Prices stated as below:

Jem Tart = RM 12.00 / 25pcs

Makmur = RM 24.00 / 50pcs

Snow Almond = RM 25.00 / 50pcs

London Almond = RM 25.00 / 50pcs

Treasury Bar Cookies = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

Wavy Chocolate = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

Sha Lala = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

I can guarantee you all cookies is yummy :).For those who have tasted my cookies you'll the taste rite.Insyaallah I serve u guys the best.

Recomended cookies to try & order : Jem Tart,Snow Almond & Treasury Bar (Oats)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Spaghetti Bolognaise"
So Yummy...Yeay puan-puan tuan-tuan kami jugak ambik tempahan seperti gmbr dibawah:

RM8.00 / pax
Anybody berminat nak order sila-sila la email.

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Chicken Pie"

Introducing our new homemade frozen food

Ini adalah intinya...

Chicken,Muchroom,Peas,Carrot & Potato

Pastry yang dah siap.

Chicken Pie yang dah siap dibakar....

Come-come & try our new homemade frozen
RM 13.00

We sell all in frozen
What you need to do is just Baked about 25min & its ready to eat

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"New Price"

Below is the lastest price for our food.Macaroni N Cheese & also Lasagna terpaksa dinaikkan sikit harganya since cheese mahal.But don't worry just naik RM2.00 jer.So hope you guys continue ordering with us.Insyaallah we'll serve you with a better service

With effective 1st of June 2009 the price will stated as above.Beside food above there will be also cookies for hari raya coming soooonnnn..cheers!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Teringin nak makan "Jem Tart"????Bolehla order disini.Tak payah tunggu raya nak makan jem tart bila2 pun bolehhhhh :)

RM 12.00 / ctnr

ada 25pcs

Email me for order....semuanya COD.Okehhhh


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Macaroni n Cheese


RM 10.00 / TRAY

Monday, May 4, 2009

Update soonest

Thanks for all the support & sudi mencuba our homemade lasagna.Segala comment & feedback amat Nury hargai insyaallah dimasa akan datang segala kekurangan akan diperbaharui.

This lately Nury agak busy sampai tak sempat nak update blog.Pending entries:

* picture macaroni n cheese
* package menu
* size lasagna yg sebenar (org tgk dlm pic besar but actually tak besar sgt tetapi biler mkn ofcourse kenyang yg amat sbb isi yg penuh)
* ada jual jem tart yg sgt yummy
* karipap frozen (karipap pusing)

Insyaallah akan diupdate soonest.Just wait for it my dear customers aka friends.

Nury jugak sedang mencari pada sape2 yg nak menjual lasagna di restoran-restoran (nak jadi supplier la dlm erti lain) bolehla contact nury or email me kay.

Thanks & Regards