Thursday, July 30, 2009

HaRi RaYa CoOKies

Dear friends

Ramadhan is just a round the corner.With this opportunity I'm selling Hari raya Cookies.For those who's interested you can leave your email address & I'll email you the order form .If possible please leave your contact no.

Prices stated as below:

Jem Tart = RM 12.00 / 25pcs

Makmur = RM 24.00 / 50pcs

Snow Almond = RM 25.00 / 50pcs

London Almond = RM 25.00 / 50pcs

Treasury Bar Cookies = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

Wavy Chocolate = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

Sha Lala = RM 25.00 @ 55pcs

I can guarantee you all cookies is yummy :).For those who have tasted my cookies you'll the taste rite.Insyaallah I serve u guys the best.

Recomended cookies to try & order : Jem Tart,Snow Almond & Treasury Bar (Oats)